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Department of the Jail - Major J. Cloutier



Major J. Cloutier

(352) 491-4460

  • Department of the Jail - (352) 491-4444
  • Medical Services - (352) 491-4471
  • Support Services Division - (352) 491-4560
  • Security Operations Division - (352) 491-4509
  • Booking Support Bureau - (352)491-4449 or (352) 491-4459
  • Transportation & Facilities Bureau - (352) 491-4517
  • Inmate Support Bureau - (352) 491-4475
  • Classification Unit - (352) 491-4447

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    Medical Services

    Medical and Mental Health Services are provided under contract and monitored through the Jail Director's Office via a contract monitor. The current contract provider is Corizon Health Inc.ncchc

    The Contracted Medical Vendor is responsible for maintaining NCCHC accreditation (National Commission on Correctional Health Care). The Department of the Jail handles all aspects of compliance at their level.

    The unit is responsible for provision of mental health services to inmates including medication management, treatment planning and crisis intervention.




    Security Operations Division

    Captain C. Warren

    The Security Operations Division is responsible for the overall security of the Department of the Jail and overseeing the safety of personnel and inmates.

    Detention Deputies and Detention Officers are responsible for the management, accountability, and supervision of each and every inmate detained in the Department of the Jail. Their duties involve supervising and coordinating the daily activities within the facility. Some of these duties are service of meals, recreation, visitation, inspections of housing areas for sanitation and security breaches, Inmate Counts, internal movement to educational and religious programs, Medical Clinic visits, distribution of linen and hygiene items, Inmate Commissary, reporting facility rule violations by inmates, resolving disputes between inmates, and response to any type of emergency situation within the Jail.






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    Support Services Division

    Captain M. Donovan

    The Support Services Division is responsible for analysis of inmate population data for use in the evaluation of diversion efforts and jail space needs planning.

    Inmate Support Bureau

    The Inmate Support Bureau Chief oversees the Classification Unit, Jail Release Coordinator, and the Jail Diversion Specialist, as well as tracking the inmate population and acts as liaison between the facility and the community mental health provider as well as various agencies within the criminal justice community.


    Classification Unit

    The Classification Unit is responsible for the evaluation, classification and reclassification of all inmates with consideration given to the level of security risk, potential for violence, institutional behavior and medical or mental health needs among other factors. Classification personnel assist in inmate management via casework, crisis intervention and conflict resolution. Additionally, Classification personnel are responsible for gain time (county sentenced only), tracking inmate conflicts, monitoring grievances, requests and inmates in disciplinary or administrative confinement, juvenile and infirmed inmates among other responsibilities. The unit is also responsible for chaplain and inhouse programs.



    Jail Diversion Specialist

    The Jail Diversion Specialist is responsible for screening and referring eligible inmates to various diversion programs, tracking referrals and participating as part of the forensic community's diversion efforts including the Forensic Diversion Team.

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    Jail Release Coordinator

    The Jail Release Coordinator is responsible for identifying and monitoring persons in jail to assure timely and effective release from custody in an effort to manage and reduce the jail population.

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    Jail Tours

    Jail Tours are coordinated through the Department of the Jail Programs Manager. Tour participants are required to present picture identification. Those without proper identification will not be permitted to tour the Jail. Any person under the age of 18 must have a completed parental/guardian permission slip or he/she will not be permitted to join the tour. Juveniles not permitted to tour may not wait unattended in the Jail lobby for the tour to complete.

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    Booking Support Bureau


    The Booking Support Bureau is a 24 hour operation staffed by civilian employees. The Bureau supports the admission and release duties of the Security Operations Division and the classification and follow up functions of the Classification Unit. Staff assigned to this area must input booking and release related data based on set criteria to facilitate the accuracy of criminal history information maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. In addition, the Booking Support Bureau is responsible for a myriad of other administrative processes ranging from handling inmate property, mail, and money to coordinating court events and conducting sex offender/predator registrations.

    First Appearance – All new arrestees appear before a judge within 24 hours of intake. The First Appearance proceeding is held via closed circuit television with arrestees (defendants) remaining at the jail. Family or persons who wish to attend the proceeding must attend at the Criminal Courthouse (220 South Main Street) and are not allowed into the jail courtroom. Normal First Appearance proceedings are held at 0900 each weekday morning and at 0930 on weekends and holidays for criminal cases. Arrestees who are judicially released during the proceeding will be released following final processing, which can take several hours.

    Inmate Property

    Inmate Mail

    Inmate Release


    Acceptance of Money – Deposits can be made into inmate accounts by utilizing the kiosk located in the jail lobby, by depositing a money order (completed and including the inmate’s MNI number) into the drop box located in the jail lobby, or through Swanson/Trinity at www.SmartDeposit.com. Fee schedules for the Swanson/Trinity services can be found on the respective websites and posted in the jail lobby.

    For further assistance, contact the Inmate Trust Fund Coordinator at 352-491-4461 or Trinity Commissary at 352-491-4524.

    Registrations – The Registration Office handles felon, career offender, and sex offender/predator registrations and is located in the Department of the Jail Lobby. The Registration Office operates during the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and is closed on weekends and holidays. Registrants must present current picture identification and should anticipate the registration process to take between 20 to 30 minutes for completion. If it is necessary to contact the Registration Office by telephone, staff can be reached at (352) 491-4496.

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    Transportation & Facilities Bureau

    The Transportation Bureau includes the Transport Team which provides safe and secure transport of defendants/witnesses to numerous court proceedings in order to protect the general public from dangerous in-custody defendants and to protect the defendants from the general public.

    The Transport Team also staffs courtrooms requiring an ACSO in-custody inmate’s presence in court with Detention Officers or Deputies in addition to the bailiffs assigned to the Court Security Bureau. This helps maintain order in the holding cells next to each courtroom and keeps the inmates in the care, custody and control of the ACSO’s Department of the Jail safe and secure.

    The Facilities Support function of this bureau also provides crews to our food service provider to prepare the inmate meals and keep the kitchen clean. The bureau is also responsible for the facilities by providing supplies and materials necessary for twenty-four hour, seven-day-a-week operation.

    This bureau is responsible for the screening and selection of inmate workers, commonly referred to as Trusties. Through this process inmates are also selected for the Sheriff's Inmate Work Crew, which provides free labor to government and non-profit agencies.

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