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Department of Operations - Major L. Simmons



Major L. Simmons


  • Reserve Unit - (352) 248-0110
  • Criminal Investigations Division
  • Detective Bureau - (352) 367-4170
  • Forensics Unit - (352) 367-4090
  • Criminal Intelligence Unit - (352) 367-4158
  • Juvenile Relations Bureau - (352) 367-4099
  • Drug Task Force (352) 334-2431
  • Patrol Operations Division - (352) 367-4097
  • Patrol Support Division










    Reserve Unit

    The Reserve Unit is compromised of citizen volunteers who are fully certified as Deputy Sheriffs by the State of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, and the Sheriff of Alachua County.

    Their duties may include patrolling zones, working with the various Units and Bureaus within the Uniform Patrol Division, working special details as needed, and assisting other divisions and sections within the Alachua County Sheriff's Office.



    Criminal Investigations Division

    Calvin Decoursey
    Captain C. DeCoursey

    (352) 367-4160
















    Detective Bureau


    The Detective Bureau is located at the ACSO main building on SE Hawthorne Road. The ACSO detectives assume their investigations from the Patrol Deputies in order to devote more time to significant crimes and enable Patrol Deputies to continue responding to calls for service.

    The Detective Bureau is made up of four Squads of detectives. One Squad has the primary responsibilities for investigating violent personal crimes, one Squad investigates crimes with a special classification of victims, and the other two Squads focus on investigating property and financial/computer crimes in each of the two Districts. Each Squad is supervised by a Detective Sergeant.

    Person Crimes Squad

    This Squad conducts the follow up investigations on numerous types of violent personal crimes, to include the following: homicides, armed robbery, arson (with personal injury) and aggravated assault and battery.

    Special Victim Crimes Squad

    This Squad conducts the investigations on crimes that involve victims with special follow-up procedures, to include the following: sexual battery, child abuse, domestic violence and some crimes against the elderly. This Squad often works with the following outside agencies, the Child Protection Team, Child Advocacy Center, the Department of Children and Family Services and the Victim Advocates.


    Property Crimes Squad district 1

    This Squad conducts follow up investigations on various types of crimes in District 1, to include: burglary, theft, reports of criminal activitiy which is facilitated by the use of computers and/or fraudulent financial means, and criminal mischief. This Squad investigates all auto theft cases countwide and is responsible for pawn shop and scrap metal inspections.

    Property Crimes Squad District 2

    This Squad conducts follow up investigations on various types of crimes in District 2, to include: burglary, theft, reports of criminal activity which is facilitated by the use of computers and/or fraudulent financial means, and criminal mischief. This Squad also has a Detective assigned to the local Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) unit, which is housed at the Gainesville Police Department.

    Cold Cases

    If you have any information on the following cases please call Detective Kevin Allen at (352) 384-3323 or e-mail at kallen@alachuasheriff.org.

    Unsolved Homicide Cases - 1969 To Present

    Missing/Suspicious Circumstances/Endangered Cases

    Environmental Crimes Task Force

    The Sheriff's Office participates in the 8th Judicial Circuit Environmental Crimes Task Force. Environmental crimes are worked in conjunction with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

    The Sheriff's Office wants to provide a safe environment for all citizens of Alachua County. The Sheriff's Office takes an aggressive stance on pursuing environmental crime enforcement. Detectives assigned to environmental crime enforcement receive specialized training in this task. You can click the link to your right to report any environmental crimes you witness or hear about.

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    Forensics Unit


    The Forensics Unit is responsible for the collection, documentation, and analysis of physical evidence identified at crime scenes. The Forensic Unit processes and photographs crime scenes and associated evidence, assists in search warrants, autopsies, and provides testimony in depositions and trials.

    Additionally, the Forensic Unit is responsible for maintaining the fingerprint records of all persons arrested in Alachua County.

    The Latent Print Examiner processes all requests for latent fingerprint comparisons, from not only our agency, but from the surrounding area agencies as well.

    Arrest Fingerprints and Mugshots

    Law enforcement agencies may request a copy of a fingerprint/palm print card free of charge. Fingerprint/palm print cards can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed.

    Fingerprint requests should be faxed on department letterhead to (352)374-1807 and should contain the following information:

    1. Your name and title
    2. Your agency name and mailing address
    3. Your contact phone number
    4. Subject's name, race, sex, and date of birth
    5. Indicate if palm prints are needed


    For mugshot requests, please contact the Department of the Jail at (352) 491-2969.

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    Criminal Intelligence Unit

    The Criminal Intelligence Unit is comprised of the Crime Analysis Unit, the Firearms Detective, the Jail Intelligence Coordinator, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force Detective. These specialized Detectives, Investigators and Analysts work with other ACSO Bureaus and Divisions, and with other local, state and federal law enforcement partners to further investigations and prosecute cases to the fullest practical extent.

    The overall supervision of the Criminal Intelligence Unit is the responsibility of Lieutenant Mike Hanson, the Detective Bureau's Commander.

    The Crime Analysis Unit is responsible for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of criminal intelligence information, in a useful format, to all operational components of the ACSO and to other law enforcement agencies.

    The Jail Intelligence Coordinator at the ACSO Department of the Jail gathers intelligence from the jail population, for evaluation and dissemination to the area law enforcement community.

    The Firearms Detective investigates offenses involving the illegal possession, trafficking, sales or purchases of firearms and firearms related issues and cases.

    The Joint Terrorism Task Force is a multi-disciplined group (Law Enforcement, DSTF/JTTF, Fire/Rescue, Communications, Campus Safety, Health/Medical, Emergency Management, Critical Infrastructure, Maritime Security and Public Information) that covers 13 counties, including Alachua, Marion, Levy, Gilchrist, Union, Bradford, Baker, Clay, Putnam, St. John's, Duval, Flagler and Nassau. The Regional Headquarters for its Law Enforcement Component is at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Jacksonville.

    The ACSO Joint Terrorism Task Force Detective works directly with the Region 3 DSTF in Northeast Florida.

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    Juvenile Relations Bureau

    The Juvenile Relations Bureau has 16 Deputies assigned to various schools within Alachua County. Along with the Deputies in the schools, JRB has other programs within it to include Teen Court, Bike Team, Explorer Program, Teen Driver Challenge, and the Washington D.C. Safety Patrol Trip.

    Juvenile Programs

    School Resource Deputies

    Alachua County Middle Schools (local no need to dial 352 area code, out of area, must dial 352 area code)

    Howard Bishop Deputy Suggs 955-6701
    Fort Clarke Deputy Ferguson 333-2800
    Kanapaha Deputy Taylor 955-6960
    Lincoln Deputy Latimer 955-6711
    Mebane Deputy Moore (386) 462-1648
    Oak View Deputy Hamilton (352) 472-1102
    High Springs Community School Deputy Phillips (386) 454-1958
    Westwood Deputy Pardue 955-6718


    Alachua County High Schools

    Buchholz Deputies Monk and Baker 955-6702
    Eastside Deputies Cooper and Bright 955-6704
    Hawthorne Deputy McCray 481-1900
    Loften Deputy Simmons 955-6839
    Newberry Deputy Shuler 472-1101
    Santa Fe Deputy Johnson (386) 462-1125


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    Patrol operations Division

    Captain John Redmond - Commander

    Captain J. Redmond

    (352) 367-4097

    The Uniform Patrol Division is responsible for general law enforcement duties and preventative patrol. Uniform Patrol Deputies are responsible for the primary response to calls for service, traffic enforcement, street-level vice and narcotics enforcement, preliminary and follow-up investigations, and preventative patrol.

    The men and women of the Division are assigned to one of two teams that are each divided into three separate shifts. Uniform Patrol Deputies work 12-hour shifts to provide services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

    The patrol deputies are supplemented by Field Service Technicians, who are civilian personnel trained to handle a variety of routine law enforcement-related duties which do not require the presence of a certified law enforcement deputy.

    District 1 is considered both urban and rural, due to the condensed population within some of the boundaries adjoining the City of Gainesville.

    District 1 includes the communities of Alachua, High Springs, and Newberry.

    District 2 is considered both urban and rural based on some zones being large land masses with significant undeveloped land and agricultural production.

    District 2 is compried of small communities within Alachua County surrounding the City of Gainesville, including Archer, Micanopy and Hawthorne.

    The call load in District 2 is comparable in numers to that of District 1.





    Patrol Support Division

    Captain David Clark - Commander

    Captain D. Clark

    (352) 367-4133














    EXECUTIVE OFFICER- Lieutenant B. Blizzard (352) 367-4113

    The Lieutenant/Executive Officer assists in the overall operational readiness, fiscal management and staffing requirements of the Patrol Support Division. This Lieutenant is responsible for over-sight of all COPS units, K-9 Unit, Traffic Safety Unit, Special Teams and Special Details as directed by the Division Commander.


    Community Oriented Policing Unit (COPS)

    Sergeant Brandon Kutner and Sergeant Corey Hanson

    The Community Oriented Policing Unit (COPS) is made up of two squads consisting of Crime Prevention, Sexual Predator/Offender Detective, Housing Detective, Multi Agency Gang Unit, and other members of Patrol. The purpose of the Unit is to:

    • Build stronger community relationships.
    • Maintain and develop partnerships between law enforcement agencies and local businesses.
    • Identifying key areas of concern and providing resolutions for long term achievements.
    • Developing statistical awareness and monitoring progress.
    • Organizing a plan of action and establishing key roles.

    The COMBAT Detective (Career Offender Mapping, Ballistics and Tracing) works within the community and with other law enforcement agencies in our area, to track and monitor sexual offenders and predators, and career offenders.


    Crime Prevention Unit

    Deputy Leo Lowe,Deputy Cary Gallop, and CP Specialist Kristin Benedini

    Crime Prevention works to increase safety, reduce fear and prevent incidents of crime by assisting the public with recognizing the elements of crime. Utilizing Crime Prevention techniques, a strong partnership between the public and Law Enforcement can reduce or eliminate a criminal's desire, ability, and opportunity to commit crimes.


    Canine Unit (K/9)

    Sergeant T.E. Crews - Officer In Charge

    The K/9 Unit consists of specially trained Deputy Sheriffs partnered with dogs trained to conduct a variety of tasks, which include: apprehension of suspects, tracking of criminals and lost persons, article searches, narcotics detection, and explosives detection.

    Additional unit photos here.

    rosco blaze












    Traffic Safety Unit

    The Alachua County Sheriff's Office Motor Unit has expanded law enforcement responsibilities that include handling tactical operations, traffic enforcement operations, and assisting various other Bureaus and Sections within the Sheriff's Office.

    The Motor Unit is staffed with 6 uniformed, motorcycle-certified Deputy Sheriffs. These motorcycles are specially designed and equipped for traffic law enforcement use.

    All of the Unit's personnel are also utilized in special details designed to prevent crimes and to educate the public and help emphasize traffic safety issues.

    The Motor Unit supervises the School Crossing Guard program.

    The Motor Unit also includes the Alachua County Sheriff's Office "Beat the Heat" program which uses a modified patrol vehicle to teach traffic safety.


    Immediate Response Rifle Team ( IRRT )

    Lieutenant Ed Bennett

    The IRRT is utilized to provide a rapid response and containment of armed individuals who pose a threat to citizens and responding law enforcement and medical personnel. IRRT members are Deputy Sheriffs assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division. The IRRT response enhances the safety for all emergency personnel, and citizens affected by these situations.


    Negotiations Response Team ( NRT )


    Lieutenant Michael S. Jones

    The Negotiations Response Team is comprised of sworn personnel throughout the various divisions and sections of the Sheriff's Office. The NRT is utilized in cases involving hostage or barricade situations, emotionally disturbed persons who are armed and/or threatening suicide, and any other high risk situation where negotiations are a viable resolution to a crisis.



    Marine Operations/Underwater Recovery Team ( MOURT )


    Sergeant Rich Rooney

    The Marine Operations Underwater Recovery Team consists of Deputies responsible for underwater search and recovery operations, marine search and rescue operations, marine patrols of our lakes and river, and water safety education presentations to various groups throughout Alachua County. They also assist surrounding counties upon request. The Team also conducts joint training with other emergency response entities within the Sheriff's Office such as the Aviation Unit as well as other agencies and organizations involved in marine activities.


    Crowd Management Team (CMT)


    Lieutenant Stan Perry

    The Crowd Management Team is utilized in the response to acts of civil unrest and situations where events involving large crowds or gatherings result in unlawful acts being committed and threatens public safety and damage to private and/or government property. The CMT provides an organized and professional response with the goal of establishing and maintaining order for the safety of citizens and emergency response personnel.



    Honor Guard

    Sergeant John Richman


    The Honor Guard serves to represent the Alachua County Sheriff's Office in a variety of situations which include; Funerals of Law Enforcement Officers or Dignitaries when appropriate, parades, and other occasions where the presentations of colors is proper for the event held.



    Sergeant Terry Crews

    The S.W.A.T. Team is utilized to assist in the safe resolution of High Risk Incidents requiring a tactical response. These responses include; hostage situations, barricaded subjects, warrant service requiring tactical assistance, dignitary protection, and any other situation deemed to be dangerous by command personnel. S.W.A.T. personnel serve on a volunteer basis and receive advanced and specialized training in the resolution of high risk incidents.


    Bomb Disposal Team



    The Alachua County Sheriff's Office Bomb Team is a nationally accredited bomb team, designated by the F.B.I., and has been serving the citizens in Alachua County and the surrounding counties since the late 60's. Their services include response to suspicious packages, improvised explosive device disablement, fireworks disposal, public safety awareness campaigns, and weapons of mass destruction response capabilities.






    Administrative Sergeant - Patrol Support Unit

    Sergeant Brandon Kutner - (352) 367-4108

    The Administrative Sergeant reports to the Executive Officer and assists the Uniform Patrol Division by coordinating the Field Training Deputy program, coordinating the training and placement of Deputy Trainees.

    The Administrative Sergeant is directly responsible for and supervises the Aviation Unit and Rape Aggressive Defense (RAD) Program.


    Joint Aviation Unit


    Deputy Richard Bray - Chief Pilot

    The Joint Aviation Unit (JAU) is a joint cooperative effort between the Alachua County Sheriff's Office and the Gainesville Police Department, which operates under the authority of the Sheriff of Alachua County. The Aviation Unit provides a valuable resource to all emergency response agencies within Alachua County and surrounding counties. We have a full time Pilot, a Tactical Flight Officer (observer), along with back-up pilots, back-up TFO's, and a Maintenance Technician.



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    Rural Services Unit (352) 367-4108

  • The Rural Services Unit is responsible for farm and agricultural related crimes. The unit partners with local ranchers and farmers to deter associated crimes which have a negative impact on the ranching and farming community.
    • The Unit provides a variety of community service assistance by conducting increased patrols, community speaking engagements, crime watch programs, and investigating animal abuse and cruelty cases.
    • 2011 Accomplishments and Photos









    Teleserve Unit

    The Teleserve Unit assists citizens with non-emergency reporting of crimes and incidents, increasing the availability of patrol units for priority calls and responses.

    Teleserve Unit personnel also assist in providing data entry and research for compiling information for special reports and other projects relating to law enforcement services provided to the citizens of Alachua County.


    Training Program- Patrol Support

    The Patrol Support Division Administrative Sergeant is responsible for the implementation and coordination of field training programs for new hire deputy sheriff's, new hire filed service technicians and newly promoted sergeants.


    Extra Duty Coordinator

    The Extra Duty Coordinator fields requests for the law enforcement and security services of deputies for private functions that are beyond the scope of the normal on duty function.


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