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Mail Rules & Regulations

General Mail

For the safety and security of the inmates and staff at the Department of the Jail, all incoming mail, with the exception of privileged/legal mail, must be in the form of a postcard only.

    Mail should be addressed to:
      (Inmate's Name)
      Alachua County Department of the Jail
      3333 NE 39th Ave.
      Gainesville, FL 32609

  1. All postcards must meet the following requirements:
    1. Postcard size-minimum: 3 ½" by 4 ¼ " but no larger than 4 ¼" by 6"
    2. Pre-stamped
    3. Must include the inmate's full name
    4. Must include a complete return address
  2. Unacceptable Postcards which will be returned to the sender:
    1. Defaced or altered postcards
    2. Plastic or any type of wrappings on the postcards
    3. Postcards marked with paint, magic marker or crayon
    4. Postcards with any type of sticker or label, including stamps and address labels
    5. Postcards with watermarks or stains
    6. Postcards with any biohazards, including lipsticks and perfumes
    7. Postcards depicting nudity, weapons, or gang references
    8. Any postcards that have any type of picture attached to it
    9. Oversized postcards

General Mail - Outgoing

  1. All inmates confined at the Department of the Jail are allowed to correspond with whomever they wish outside of the institution, regardless of their classification or security level. All outgoing mail must be properly addressed. Outgoing mail will be in the form of the Department of the Jail approved postcard or pre-stamped envelopes, which are available through the Inmate Commissary. Privileged/legal mail must have a recognizable legitimate address of the legal firm or other governmental unit.
    1. Correspondence between inmates in the facility shall not be permitted.
    2. Exceptions may be granted to inmates who are family members and who are incarcerated in the facility at the same time. Requests for exceptions will be reviewed and approved by the Security Operations Division Commander.
    3. Family members are interpreted as brother, sister, mother, father, husband, wife or step-relations resulting from a legal marriage.
    4. Family relationships must be legal; the State of Florida does not recognize common law marriages.
    5. The burden of proof for such relationships lies with the inmate.
    6. Abuse of the privilege shall result in Disciplinary Action.
  2. In order to be in compliance with the United States Postal Service regulations, only addresses may be written on the front of the envelopes/postcards. No extra writing of any kind is allowed. Envelopes/postcards will not be accepted to be sent out of the facility if they contain anything other than addresses on the front.
  3. All outgoing mail shall contain the sender's name, MNI number and the facility's address. Mail not in compliance will be returned to the inmate.
  4. There is no limit on the amount of outgoing mail. [FCAC 12.08] All outgoing mail, except for privileged/legal mail, is subject to inspection at any time, but particularly if there is reason to suspect:
    1. It contains threats of physical harm against persons or threats of criminal activity.
    2. It threatens blackmail or extortion.
    3. It contains plans to escape.
    4. It contains plans for activities in violation of institutional rules.
    5. It is in code.
    6. It contains information which, if communicated, would create a clear and present danger of violence and physical harm to some person.
  5. Mail containing any of the above prohibitions will be referred to the Security Operations Division for further action.
  6. Indigent inmates shall receive pre-stamped envelopes, stationary and postcards sufficient to send two letters or postcards each week. This includes any mailing of a legal nature.

Privileged/Legal Mail, Incoming/Outgoing Mail

Outgoing privileged/legal mail shall be treated as privileged mail only if it is clearly and properly marked with the name and title of the recipient, and the correct return address of the sender. Privileged/legal mail must have a recognizable legitimate address of the legal firm or other governmental unit.

  1. Outgoing privileged/legal mail may be inspected for contraband before being sealed and mailed. At no time should the mail be read during this inspection. The inspection shall take place in the presence of the inmate and the inmate shall personally seal the envelope.
  2. Outgoing privileged/legal mail, without correct postage from inmates without funds, will be forwarded to the Booking Support Bureau for a determination of indigence. If the inmate is determined to be indigent, the correct postage will be applied and the mail will be returned to the mail-handling employee for mailing.
  3. Outgoing privileged/legal mail shall not be held longer than 72 hours and shall be held only to verify proper addressing.

For more information contact the Alachua County Sheriff's Office Public Information Office, (352) 367-4050 or send us an email.

Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

This information is made available to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety.